This I Believe

Elsa - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family


I think the best thing to believe in is in family union, I can talk from experience because my dad is not living with us for now and I think that’s affecting my family. This situation can destroy a family. Time went by and I didn’t care anymore because I thought I’d never had a “normal” family or live like we used to but we had a family reunion and we talked for hours and my dad promised he would come back. I think this time apart has changed us all, for example, my brother is more responsible and he learn to be the man of the house, I am a little more mature and responsible of my acts since I don’t have my daddy to solve my problems and cover my stupid act, my mom now takes control of the house and even though sometimes she gets stressed, she now knows how to maintain the house and keep the family together, plus many more things that my dad used to do. I believe that when my dad gets here life is going to be easier to everyone, since now we know how hard is life; I also think we are going to appreciate my dad the way he deserves.

I believe the word FAMILY has a lot of power in it; your family is the one that is going to be with you no matter what you do. To me my family comes first and since they do everything for me I will do everything for them.

5 years ago we were living in Mexico but my brother wanted to study in Dallas, so, we, as a family, followed him. Our time in Dallas was very hard. We were not used to the language, even though we knew English; we were not used to big schools either, there, in

Mexico we were in a private school, with the same people for 6 years; we loved that school as our 2nd home. Time passed and we were getting used to Dallas but my dad found a job at Denver, Co. we lived in Denver for about half a year, we came back but my dad didn’t, he stood there to work. He has been working there for about 3 years now and we miss him a lot. I know I have to be faithful and believe that we are going to be together soon because if we stop believing, this family will go to the trash and nobody wants that.

In my conclusion, families should never be apart, and should be taken care of because family is the most valuable thing you can have, and plus you only have one and its going to be the same one until the day you are gone.