This I Believe

Jon - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

At my age I don’t exactly know what I believe in, but one thing I feel strongly about is there is something more for everyone, and I’ll try everyway I can to get it. Of course every person is capable of achieving their own personal level of success; the only thing stopping them is themselves. I’ve always found it interesting how people dealt with doing something or getting over a hardship, and I found that the psychological aspect of approaching something is the key to everything.

Most people use faith as a guideline on how they should live their lives and believe they can never go wrong in the eyes of God if they’re good and follow his rules. I personally could never find a religion to strike my fancy, but I do believe that God exists. People just tell me that too young to believe in the true meaning of religion and most just call me naïve but I think that people butchered religion too much for people to truly believe in it. I suppose I believe in trying my hardest at everything I possible can. I have a good mindset about what’s right and wrong, and I know I haven’t done anything too bad. I don’t want to sound like a rebel or anything, but I like to think I know what I’m doing especially when I’m not doing anything bad. I always hated thinking back about something and getting mad at myself for not trying something or knowing that I could’ve done better at something.

I like to take things from all different kinds of religion to live my life, rather than just one. I like that Buddhists believe in improving their own well being before taking somebody else’s into consideration. It sounds cold but it makes sense, because helping someone else because they need help defeats the purpose of showing your compassion and good will because you yourself may need more help that the person you’re helping. I also believe that the 10 commandments are universally sound because it applies to all races and cultures, and are also no brainers. I don’t know what word can describe everything I just said, but that is what I believe in.