This I Believe

Julia - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I belive

Ever wondered why you are here? Why you are a part of your of your Family? Why you are here today? I believe god has his reasons for who you are and why.

I experienced something that changed my perspective on life. It has nothing to do with the fact that I moved from Germany to the United States, even though I had an impact in my life. A road trip with my family changed everything for me.

I was looking forward to go on vacation with my family. Since it was Marching Season and I was in Flags, we haven’t had any break. Only thing is it we also had our first competion and my coach was upsad, because I couldn’t be there.

In the early morning we left to go to San Diego. Everybody was excited, because it was our last family trip together.

We were close to Tucson and we were planning that we would lunch there. I was in the back row of oure silver 2002 Expetion and our trailer was on right behind us just there. I was listing to my music at that time “Ich bin nicht ich”, by Tokio Hotel (I am not myself without you). So I was dozing of in my own little world. All the sudden my mom, who was driving, starts screaming. Before, my dad said “watch out”

The car started shaking and the trailer behind me fishtails, my mom lost control of the car. I was terrified. My mind was going nuts with all those thoughts and feelings I never felt before. For example, “I love Dennis” (he is one of my closest friends, good looking too).

Thankfully nobody got hurt. My mom was crying a river, because she felt so bad. After the police officer was done with the report. Gentlemen came and picked up our trailer and our car. Both of them were totaled. The people were so nice and cared about us and said “everything is fine, we don’t need to worry and we should be glad that nobody got hurt”

So the guy lent us the car and we drove back home the same night.

My dad still wanted to go on vacation, because he knew how much I was looking forward to San Diego. So the day after we left again with our Mercedes.

San Diego was beautiful. From that day on, when I though I am going to die. I figured that God has its reason for who you are and what you are right now. Look at things positive even, when it gets tough or you hate it. God has its reasons for everything this is what I believe.