This I Believe

Armando - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

A relationship I once had was so beautiful and something of pure, untainted love but because of certain flaws it vanished away slowly. There was an absence of things like trust and overall respect, which to anyone should be fundamental elements to making something last forever but because of that absence, forever was never. To make eternity we need to be selfless with one another and step out of our human wants and desires. I believe in surrendering completely to that one special person and in every way possible!

In the beginning of December last year something so perfect and beautiful came into existence. It was the celestial harmony of two people coming together, when me and my dearly loved but now lost Lenore became one because you see in a relationship, a relationship filled with real love and selflessness, you become more than just two. Then, we were more than just mere humans. You are something that only Odin himself could think of but this soon died out because of basic needs that humans can give but fail to do. For some it so much easier to do bad than to step outside of our greed to do good, this was apparent in her. Because of a lack or respect which resulted in the loss of trust, the relationship crumbled. Trust was broken because trust was not given and all was lost. In the relationship you need to be selfless and only have eyes for that one person because with out this the relationship falls and that was the outcome. She supposedly had a friend who she had met and this particular friend was of the opposite sex. She told me they were just friends but she never gave me the trust for me to be assured so I could give her trust. She didn’t give me the respect, and boundaries were crossed. Obviously if you’re just friends with a person of the opposite sex and you are in a relationship, boundaries should be known and in a sense should not be known. They should be there but not apparent because you shouldn’t even be thinking about crossing those boundaries in the first place. She ended up doing this and with this loss of respect and trust my respect and trust were lost causing an end to something that was once so beautiful. Towards the end of the month where loved is celebrated on the fourteenth, February was that grim angel who took are love away. There was an absence of respect and trust from both her and that mysterious stranger because the respect in only having eyes for that one person and for not doing things that you shouldn’t be doing was not there.

In the end I learned that only the selfless can achieve beauty in relationships and though I have lost an angel, I take the memories and knowledge of knowing that a human can be greater than something that fell from heaven. I have the great privilege to say that I was selfless, respectful and only had eyes for that one person though she could not do the same. I surrendered completely to love and to that one person though they could not. I was true and did not automatically give into my feelings first and covet only what I wanted first. If there is anything the reader can take from this is that it all comes down to something so simple, not to be selfish. As long as respect is there in every way, I believe the love, trust, selflessness and everything tied up into the meaning of respect will make the relationship last an eternity!