This I Believe

shaun - soldiers grove, Wisconsin
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

I believe

I believe hard work pays off. My father taught me at a very young age that if you want something that you have to go out and make it happen on your own. When I was seven my parents got a divorce, my mom took my sister and I with her when she left. She moved to northern Minnesota where she grew up and her family resides. Right from the start I didn’t like this move, and I made it very clear how upset I was. Finally my junior year after years of asking her to let me live with my dad she let me, but only one condition that I work hard.

My junior year I focused on school, but also held down a 5 day a week job at a local restaurant. Mother was impressed with my grades and how hard I had worked so she let me stay. That summer I worked doing construction with my father during the day and at nigh going to the restaurant, and fitting in a few lawn moving jobs to make a few extra bucks. With all the money I had saved I bought a very nice car, hard work pays off. My senior year of high school I participated in a program called work release, which lets you out of school to work. So I would work with my dad in the morning, and also at night at the restaurant. With the money I saved working so hard my senior year I bought a 2 year old motorcycle. This was the nicest thing I had ever owned, hard work pays off.

Now here I am at college a full time student still working hard. I work full time at a food whole sale warehouse, a job I was lucky to get. I have school from 10 in the morning tell 2 in the afternoon. Then at 3:30 I go to work tell midnight then I go home get something to eat and if I’m lucky I get 6 hours of sleep. With all the expenses of living on my own I still have managed to save money. This summer I my father and I will finally finish our project that we have put aside for to long. With the money I have saved working during college we’ll be able to finish the 1971 mustang my dad gave me on my 16 birthday. After all the sacrifices I have made I still believe that hard work pays off.