This I Believe

Nate - Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in cherishing all friendships no matter how big or how small. We have all had that one friend that moved away sometime during school. They just mysteriously disappeared and you never saw them again. Well, to some people that person was me.

I went to four different high schools in three different states. Many people say that high school was the toughest years of school socially. So you could only imagine how it was for me.

I went to same high school for all of my freshman year, then my mom got remarried and we moved to another a little ways away. My sophomore year and half of my junior year was spent at another school. Then, after a family tragedy, we moved yet again but I was only at this school for one semester. The final move was my decision. I wanted to go to school in Wisconsin where my dad lives so I decided to start all over once again and be a new student and a senior at the same time.

I believe in cherishing friendships no matter how big or small. If I can say one positive thing about all this moving it is that I was able to meet so many great people along the way. Many of these people changed my life in good ways and some did in bad ways, but I am just glad that they were part of my life, even if it was only for a short while.

I believe in cherishing friendships no matter how big or small. I look back on all of these experiences and I realize how much it has affected my life to this day. I used to be very shy and now I am more open because I realize that you can never have too many friends and they can always get you through the hard times. I think this a big reason why I like my job so much. I am able to meet new people everyday and I am really close with a lot of my co-workers. Through my job I have realized that a lot of people just want someone to talk to even if it is a brief conversation. If they hold that conversation with me it makes my day knowing that I was able to help someone out. I believe in cherishing friendship no matter how big or small because you never know what will happen tomorrow.