This I Believe

matthew - knoxville, Tennessee
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Always Keep Your Room Clean

I am a messy person by nature. Even when I was growing up I could never stay organized for anything, especially my room. My mother would always get on me for not cleaning my room. “You never know when some of your friends might come over,” she would say to me almost on a daily basis, but every time I would either ignore her or only take a half hearted swing at tidying up my stuff. So, like all good prophesies, eventually a friend of mine, Avi, did make a surprise visit. I was thirteen at the time, and my room definitely look like a wild teenager lived their. Even my dirty clothes were lying around where I had flung them. I was so embarrassed that as soon as Avi left I immediately had my mom give me a crash course in room cleaning. Now my room looks like a miniature coffee shop.

Since that day, my room has had a thorough cleaning blitzkrieg twice a month. I never again had to deal with the embarrassment of having to crawl over my piles of junk to get to my bed again. I still have problems keeping myself clean and organized on a daily basis, but it is a lot easier than having no organization at all.

This need to stay at least partially clean also bleeds over into other aspects of my life. I have stayed organized with my car, which is the hardest thing to keep clean, school and Scouting stuff as well. I try to stay organized in these parts of my life because not only do they affect me, but they also, like Scouting, affect many other people if I do not keep myself together. Also, looking clean and organized gives me respect from people when they see me or where I live.

I know that appearances are not everything in life. They can mislead you and make you think something about someone or something without taking a deeper look into what they are actually like. At the same time, being a clean person gives you a sense of accomplishment about yourself. Even if you yourself do not always keep what you look like in the same way as others. I have never been one to stay in fashion myself, but being a clean person allows me to express myself to others how I wish them to see me, and it gives me pride in myself and my life. Just be keeping my room clean, I can make others see me, not what they want to see. Plus, it is better safe than sorry, so always remember to keep your room clean. You never know when someone may come over.