This I Believe

Meaghan - Springfield, Missouri
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: Christianity

I believe that God has a reason for everything. For every miracle and every disaster, God has a plan. He has mapped out our life and He watches us follow the road of faith. Our everyday lives are filled with happiness, sadness, jealousy, anger, hatred, and joy.

When our days do not go the way we planned, we ask, “why did this happen…why me…how could you?” Some times we rationalize the incident too much, and we tend to stay inside of the box. For instance, at the beginning of this year, I applied for the Coast Guard Academy. I trained extremely hard for the physical test and wrote many essays. I sent in the forms towards the end of February and waited. At the end of March, I received a letter from the Academy saying that they had to close my account because everything was not turned in on time for the applicants of 2007. I was upset because I had worked so hard and I was dedicated to my future. I kept my chin held high and looked outside of the box. Maybe I am supposed to go straight to Coast Guard boot camp and then attend school down the road. God may have a better plan for me. And what about for others?

When I saw the coverage of Hurricane Katrina on television, I became devastated. I asked God, “how could you do this to so many people,” why this disaster during this time when our country’s already falling apart?” Many questions reeled through my head. As the days went on and the news numbed my mind, I thought, there could be many reasons for this disaster. Maybe God wanted us to get closer together by helping each other build a stronger nation. I don’t know. Some questions are just meant to be unanswered.

I believe everything has a purpose. If we didn’t have all of these disasters or miracles, there wouldn’t be people to save lives, brings others closer to God, or just become loving friends.