This I Believe

John - Hendersonville, Tennessee
Entered on May 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone’s God

I believe that everyone has their own god. You may not believe in the same god as me, but you still believe in one even if you don’t know it. You may not necessarily believe in a Jesus Christ per say, but that may not be what god is to you. Even though I do believe in Jesus Christ, I still believe that god is an influence. God is the good in life that brings hope and happiness to people all over. Even the so called atheists in the world have this god. If there is one thing in the world that I’ll never understand is how a person can call them self an atheist when there is so much smiling, joy, happiness, laughter, and hope in the world. How could someone not believe in god when someone who is going through so much pain and turmoil can always find something good to look forward to? Some people’s argument to that is, “If there is a god, than why did he create the pain and turmoil?” Because if he hadn’t, then the things that matter most to us now wouldn’t matter as much. Even the sweetest of sweets would taste bland, and the happiest of times would just seem ok. Then would life even be worth it? But only one thing could make the grayest skies blue, and the bitterest things taste sweet, god. How could someone go through out life thinking that there’s nothing more great and good than what they can see with their own two eyes? That’s the most depressing thing that I’ve ever seen someone with no form of god. Because that means that they’ve given up. In M. Night Shamalyans movie, Signs, Mel Gibson’s character is a former priest who has had his faith tried by the recent death of his wife. In one of the scenes he has a speech with his brother about coincidences and miracles. In the speech Mel Gibson say, “There are two types of people, nonbelievers and believers, nonbelievers see coincidences and believers see miracles.” In my eyes that is like stating the difference between optimists and pessimists. The pessimists are the nonbelievers always doubting what they can’t prove physically and logically. The optimists are the believers who can explain things without physical evidence but only faith. A Whitney Brown once said, “I’m not an atheist. How can you not believe in something that doesn’t exist? That’s way too convoluted for me.” Apparently he was a nonbeliever. The nonbelievers call the atheists fools because they have no “evidence” that the nonbelievers can comprehend. So maybe I’m the biggest fool since the guy who bottled water, but at least I’ll be a smiling, joyful, happy, laughing, hopeful, believing fool.