This I Believe

Adrienne - Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Entered on April 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

Music Gets Me through the Day

I believe in music. It makes me feel sensational when a song is playing. It lets out so many emotions all at the same time. Music makes many difficult situations easier to deal with; it’s very expressive, and quite artistic. Music is a big influence on my life. I believe that music helps in just about any situation. Whether good or bad, the sense of pride and trust are always there. There are that seem so unrealistic and so unfair. Music is a good stress reliever and makes the atmosphere of the world feel equal. Songs are for everyone, no matter the sense of broken-heartedness, happy-heartedness, or just plain stumped.Any song can express emotion. Happiness usually includes an upbeat, flashy song. Sadness tends to make a person play slow, down and out songs. The heart is very delicate. Therefore, no one can be “Macho” all of the time. As put in the words of country music superstar, Gary Allen, “Life Isn’t Always Beautiful;” how very true. Music makes me feel so much better about myself and it makes me feel that no one can bring me down and that I’m free. It teaches me that if being myself makes me happy, then that’s all that matters in the first place an I should not have to please anyone myself.

This I Belive