This I Believe

Melissa - KNOXVILLE, Tennessee
Entered on April 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: community

We Can All Get Along

Growing up in a small country town where, everybody knows everybody, life was easy. Where going to church with you grandmother every Sunday was the thing to do. And volunteering to help the needy was just a given. As a kid I never had a care in the world except for the occasional fight with my little sister. I was fresh and naive to all surroundings. My home town consisted of no other ethnic races. So, discrimination wasn’t an issue.

I’ve always consider myself as a well round politically correct young women. And I owe complete thanks to my wonderful parents that introduced me too as many diverse situations as they could at a very early age. I’m 26 years old now and living in Knoxville, TN where I attending college. I have traveled the world seeing all sorts of religions and ethnic tribes. And I Believe we can all get along no matter where we come from.

While the world falls into a downward spiral with war, poverty, and famine. I ask you; Can you help make a difference? Myself and others being the next generation can make this world a better place. Instead of having hatred in our hearts. Lets try having a little love and understanding. The Beatles once said…All you need is Love. If we could just take the time to think about our passed and remember how far we’ve come. Maybe then, we can surpass this dead end battle of fighting between one another and for once ALL work together. Skin color and religion shouldn’t matter, what should matter is that we’re all human. And we all are created equal by one God.

So, if a young women from a rural town can surround herself with diversity and be open minded. Can’t you? My voice may be small, but that’s all it takes. So the next time you feel angry or hatred toward someone…stop, breath and remember that your only adding to the worlds downward spiral. Remember that arrogance and pride is why we can’t get along.