This I Believe

Patrick - Marshfield, Massachusetts
Entered on April 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I believe in love between one and other. I believe that when I show love to other persons I’m the biggest beneficiary. I’ve tried it in my own life.

It was September 2006, my very first time in an American boarding college, at the time the fall term began, I had arrived in my new “home”. My father brought me to the dormitory’s lobby and the men’s dean rode me to my new room in the elevator. At first my room was empty, but soon my new roommate came. His name was Kevin. Imagine a very big, impatient and moody Jamaican. Yes, he was a little bit frightening.

At first our relationship was going well, but in a few time, he started show his worse characteristics. It kept getting worse and worse. Even I trying being kind and cheerful with him, he constantly got angry and annoyed with everything I’d been doing.

I had no reason to be kind with him but I did. To love someone who is kind, is easy, but to do that with annoying people is really hard. Even having no reason to be patient with him, I decided to help him change his behavior. I was willing to do that because I saw the suffering that his behavior brought to him; he didn’t have many friends.

It was not easy, but was rewarding. He began to smile more, to say good-morning more and more. He was becoming happy and friendly. I saw his change.

I believe that the love have the power to change the entire world. I know that is impossible to me change all the world once, but I believe that it can be changed one life at a time.

My roommate’s story has a sad finish. After everything got better a tragic accident happened. He was struck by a car driven by a drunk driver. Kevin died. I have no words to say how I felt, but, after this, I learned some thing really special.

I was the biggest beneficiary in this story because I felt so happy not only because I helped him to live better but also because I realized that if I had been rude to Kevin, even having reasons to be rude, I would have carried enormous guilt for the rest of my life. Kevin’s experience made me believe that: “Is worthwhile be patient with everyone, even if I don’t have reason to do that. It’s worthwhile love people because I don’t know the future.”