This I Believe

Kwonsun - Maine
Entered on April 30, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This, I believe

I believe that playing computer games that involve typing is an excellent way to learn to type very well. I was about 10 when I started playing a very popular Internet game called Star Craft. It is a game where you make buildings and raise an army in order to defeat the other players. It is a very fast pace game where you cannot lose concentration for even a minute. Once you get in to the game, you get very addicted to it. Battle Net (the name of the internet mode) is where people all around the world meet to play each other and test their skills. Back then, I usually didn’t type or “chat” with other players mainly because I didn’t speak English very well and because I didn’t know how to type. But once I learned the basic technique of typing in 5th grade, I slowly learned to type and play the game as well. This not only improved my typing skills, but it also taught to be aware of what I was doing while I typed with intensity.

As time passed, I started playing a new game called, Diablo II. It is a game when you are controlling one character and your destiny is to defeat Diablo (the king of evil or what ever). In Diablo, it was easy to get really angry or happy while “dueling” other people’s characters. Since it was very hard work to raise your hero and make him/her strong, you felt a special bond between you and your character. And if your hero lost at a duel and your opponent was talking trash, you easily got mad and either swore badly back at them or you brought a stronger character. I admit, I sometimes got a little out of hand and swore on battle net, but give me a break, it’s just a silly computer game and I was only 13 years old. I learned a lot of words (especially bad ones) while playing Diablo, but I’m not telling you that you should do what I did, I’m telling you what I believed helped me become very fluent at typing.

Very often, the game got emotional and you typed fast with either fury or joy. Now keep in mind that this game that was I playing at around 13, was rated ‘M’ for mature. I’m not saying I am proud of it but I had a really fun time playing it. It was pretty much my life. I was addicted to it for about 2-3 years! It was so bad to the point where my mother had to hide the game disc from me because of my obsession with the game. I would play this game day in and day out, and never get tired of it. Now looking back, my obsession was a key part of me learning to type so well.