This I Believe

Young Joo - ALLSTON, Massachusetts
Entered on April 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

“Good things come to those who wait.”

I have two friends since childhood. Their characters are so different. I have learned something from both of them.

One friend, she looks beautiful like a model. If other people look her, they think she is happy, because she has a good back ground and out look. But she always complains too much.

“I want to be a rich girl like a Parris Hilton.”

“I want to be a beautiful girl like a Jessica Alba.”

“I want to be a doctor’s daughter.”

Usually she buys luxury things like Chanel, Gucci…but when she looks at other objects, she becomes jealous.

Every night she calls me and then starts to complain about herself.

“I think my nose needs an operation again. Did you see neighborhood’s new bag? I want to get the same one….”

Always something like that.

The other friend is normal. But she has some power for attracting attention.

That’s why she always smiles and is active. Also, she never loses her cheerful vision and confidence, so she makes everyone happy.

After graduating the university, she wanted to be a stewardess. So she made several attempts and failed many times. Unavoidably, she became a server. Everybody worried about her.

“She has a good degree. Why doesn’t she volunteer at high quality of companies like Sam-sung?”

When people say that, all the time her answer is the same.

“I don’t care about other’s vision. It’s not only a small restaurant. I am learning about many business things. I’m trying to do my best even if it is a small thing. I just enjoy myself.”

She is right. When she says that, people agree with her.

I learned through her about what it is to be happy, and that is what it is for me too.

In my case, I worry too much about my future. But who knows about the future?

Life is full of ups and downs. Everybody has their own idea how to live. It is not necessary to worry about what others think. My life is just mine. I just do my business trying my best, and know I’ll reach my goal in the future. It’s important not to forget your way and what you want to be.

Every dog has his day, and this I believe.