This I Believe

Natisha - Knoxville, Tennessee
Entered on April 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: death

Take a Closer Look

When thinking about my life and the people in it I choose to just take a glance rather than taking good hard look. The first time I think I actually opened up and took a good look at what I have and what to really appreciate was when someone really close to my heart got in a car wreck and died. On the day of Halloween my close friend Amanda was driving down Emory road when she ran off the road and flew threw the sunroof and died instantly. My world crashed all around me I did not know what to think or even do. So I made the worst decision of all I did not go to her funeral. I sat in my room crying and questioning God why? Instead of saying my goodbye I turned away.

To this day I feel like I turned my back on her and think, I know she would have been there for mine. Thinking about her made me open up my eyes and really look at what I have and in my life. She was a big part of my life and I know I would do anything for her, but yet I still turned away and just took a glance instead of a good hard look. Since then I have learned to believe that one should take time to take a good look and not let anything pass then by. I made the mistake of not going to the funeral on my own and now I am the only one suffering.

The wreck happened at 12 o’clock on Halloween I found out when sitting in class. I did not even believe it I had to sit and think about why it would happen to someone so wonderful. I have never felt so empty as I did that very second that they told me. That very second I thought that “ what if that was me ?” I do not know how others would feel, but the way I felt that day was horrible and I would never wish that upon someone.

When thinking about Amanda and the wreck today I’ve taken the time to look over everything and not take anything for advantage. I try to tell other people about how I felt about loosing someone and choosing to not go to her funeral. Cause I don’t want anyone making the same mistake and regretting something so important. I still regret not going and I will every day of my life. I believe that most people take a quick glance of life

My life took a turn when I had someone dear to my heart die. She was young, beautiful, and had everything going for her in life. The day she died I realized that I needed to start taking a closer look to what is around me. Instead of taking a glance, look a little closer. This I believe.