This I Believe

James - Franklin, Tennessee
Entered on April 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

The Sixth Necessity

Science tells us that human beings require five main necessities to live and be productive. These necessities are food, water, shelter, oxygen, and sleep. I, however; disagree with this conclusion. All of those scientists left out one of the main components in living a healthy and happy life. The sixth necessity is laughter, it’s what we thrive off of, it’s what allows us to make it through the day from hell, and yeah we’ve all had a few of those. All the medicine in the world it still wouldn’t amount to the healing power contained in laughter. Laughing keeps us in shape, and it lets us know that even on our darkest day there’s still a glimmer of light for each of us to have.

When I was freshman in high school my grandfather passed away after battling numerous diseases for a number of years. My grandfather and I were very close, but even on my worst day laughter still had a way to pick me up. My grandfather was a master carpenter and he taught wood working for a living, but it never failed that when he began to work with glue he always found a way to get the project he was working on stuck to his worktable. At the funeral it was my job to hand out laminated bookmarks that had my grandfathers favorite Bible verses on them, but when I pulled them out of the container they came in they were all suck together because someone used to much glue to seal the edges. When I realized what the problem was I took them to my dad and told him why I couldn’t hand them out. He simply replied saying “It looks like granddaddy finished one last project before he left.”

Even though that was one of my worst days laughter still found me. I believe that without laughter we as human beings wouldn’t make it very long on this earth. Life would just be to serous all the time, and no one would truly appreciate the unique flaws that really make them who they are. Life is a gift and the ability to find the humor in it just makes it that much sweeter. I believe laughing is second only to breathing and without it we probably wouldn’t live very long.