This I Believe

Myahri - Renton, Washington Turkmenistan
Entered on April 30, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: immigrant

What I believe in (real story).

Every body believe in something in their life, which gives them hope, and more power.

I believe in dreams, and know you just need to struggle for them. That taught me my grandma.

So last year I decided to try scholarship, to go to USA, to be an exchange student. It was really hard but, I decided and took it. Also that was really hard year to me because, my grandmother, who was everything for, was sick, also that was my last year in High school, I had a lot of projects and home works. But the important thing to me from all of those problems was my grandmother. We brought her to the hospital, and took care. Doctors said she is doing pretty good, and let her go home.

So I was glad for that and decided to tell her about that scholarship which I was taking. It was consist of 3 examines, at that time I was taking 1 one. So she looked at me and asked: “DO you really want to go to USA?” I said that is my dream to go to USA, and learn more about that country and language. So she said, that it will be hard to her and my parents to let me go, but if I really want to go I have to struggle for my dreams. Her words made me think.

Days went by, I took 2 test, passed it, and took 3 one and was weighting for the results.

My grandmother called me and said, she wants to come to visit as. And at that day I had to go to the birthday party. So I waight for her, we also invited a lot of relatives, cooked her favorite dish, and had god time with family.

I dressed up to go the party, and I was brushing my hair, when I noticed that grandma was looking at me. Her look was different t this time. It was mysterious, so warm and so different. I came up to her and said I will be back, she looked at me and grab my hands and said: “You dreams will come true, just believe in them, and pretty soon you will go to the long trip where you will meet a lot of people and learn a lot. I really love you my girl and wish you the best.” I was really confused and was thinking why she said all that things, I gave her a hug and went to the party.

When I came home, she already was gone. And after 1 hour our relatives called us and told that she died. That day was the worse day in my life. They told that she came home, and suddenly she felt bad.

Next day the company, which I took test for scholarship called me and told that I passed the test and I will go to USA for one year.

I still think about that day a lot, why she died, what happened, why she told me all that stuff, like she felt that she will die, but nobody can answer that question.

But I know one thing, my grandma is every time with me, she helps me, protect me. And I really believe in my dreams and I know they will come true, you just need to believe and struggle.