This I Believe

Jaime - Maple Valley, Washington
Entered on April 30, 2007

This I Believe:

I believe abuse is never right. Physical, verbal, emotional, or mental; it should NEVER be accepted. Therefore, my belief is that if you abuse an animal or a person, whatever you did to that person or animal should be done to you. If you starve an animal, you should be starved. If you verbally attack someone, it should be done to you, only worse. If you take the life of someone who is not threatening you in anyway, you should be put to death. Maybe that sounds harsh, but unfortunately there is too much overlooked abuse going on in today’s society. And another big misfortune, it is not dealt with in a very justifiable manner. Abusers are sent to prison for a short time and are then released because of the over-crowding problem that has been occurring. Well, if overcrowding is a problem, our country’s government should be able to find a more effective was of handling it. Abusers need to know that hurting a person or animal might make you look rough and tough in front of your buddies, but to society, it only makes you look like a jerk. Abusers need to know that what they are doing is wrong and will be punished for it. This method would discourage more school violence (bullying) and it would help decrease the amount of crime on the street. I have seen, first hand, what verbal and emotional can do to a person. The acts can have long term effects on the person.

Some basic forms of abuse are punching, kicking, pushing, and withholding food or medication. Ways of recognizing abuse in children isn’t that difficult. If a child has a hard time trusting people, feels worthless about life or themselves, attempted suicide, unexplained accumulation of money and gifts, lacerations and welts, multiple injuries or bruises, or unexplained burns or scalding can all be signs of abuse. Some signs of abuse in adults could be family history of violence, verbal threats of abuse, excessive or unreasonable demands, using inappropriate physical or social isolation as punishment, or use of excessive discipline actions.

Abuse is never ok. It should never go unnoticed by our society or law enforcement. If you know of an abusive situation, person or animal, it is your responsibility to seek help in that situation.