This I Believe

Caitlyn - Lakewood, Colorado
Entered on April 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

It is only now as a graduate of our public school system, that I am able to look back upon the amount of knowledge and learning that I acquired throughout my years as a primary and secondary student. I am amazed now by how, without ever being aware of it, I was shaped into the person that I am today- by the wisdoms, experiences, ideologies, goals, and hopes of my teachers. It is because of this realization that I believe in the incomparable value of our nations’ teachers.

Teachers and our experiences with them are one of the very few things that we all have in common. We are inextricably linked through the time we have all spent in the presence of educators. Doctors, scientists, generals, lawmakers, authors, drifters, athletes, dancers, friends, parents, neighbors, all have passed through the doors of classrooms in which a teacher has passed on an essential element to growing and moving forward in our world. Often without our realization, and in many cases in the face of our blatant and determined rebellion, these professionals have imparted onto us the fundamentals for being competent and independent citizens in our communities, our nation, and our world.

As an undergraduate student now attempting to carve out a niche in the world for myself, I can look back with gratitude to those teachers who persevered despite my bad attitudes, my stubbornness, and my frustrations, to induce me ever forward towards being ready to face the world. I was a biased student; easily frustrated and firm against anything that bewildered or irritated me. But my teachers continued to guide and impel me onward, and because of this I am able to contend and succeed at a competitive, private university and I have the confidence to compete and participate actively in the world at large.

I believe that our teachers are heroes. No other profession requires so much of its members. Teachers must arrive at school prepared not only to teach but to act in many times as parents, social workers, coaches, advisors, guides, and protectors. Teachers accept all students regardless of attitude, motivation, interest, strengths and weaknesses, background, responsibility, and beliefs into their classrooms. Teachers endlessly reach out to better the lives of their students; truly believing in the power of knowledge and the potential of their students to conquer insurmountable goals. Without teachers, many of us would be lost- stumbling blindly through the world without sense of the forms and functions of our realms. Teachers are essential to the advancement of our nation and world. They motivate and compel us to learn about and test our world and in so doing we as students find ways to change the world.

I believe in our teachers. I believe in their dedication, passion, strength, integrity, aptitude, and effectiveness as the protectors and motivators of society and progression.