This I Believe

Kayla - Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Entered on April 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

April 30, 2007

I believe my grandfather is with me everyday

I believe that my grandfather is with me every day. He passed away many years ago when my dad was sixteen and left eleven babies behind. As I grew up my dad was always my hero and my idol. I always wondered what my grandpa was like; I was always questioning my dad about what he liked to do. My dad answered “he was just like you.”

As the years went on I would think about my grandpa all the time in everything I did. Because dad said he was just like me. There are many events that make me believe that my grandfather is with me.

My younger brothers and I played a lot of baseball. When we hit our first homerun there was a monarch butterfly on our bats and when we ran the bases it flew with us. It was a question to ponder so we asked our dad about it. He smiled with joy. That’s grandpa. He told us the story about when grandpa was going to see the angel and what he said. Grandpa said “When I go to heaven I want to fly free like a monarch butterfly, I want to feel the wind upon my face.” I immediately started to cry. Here all along this butterfly that was with me was my grandpa.

Winter came and everyone knows that butterflies are not out in the winter, but this one was. We have a cabin and it was given to my dad because he was the one out of all the children that spent all the time up there with his dad. We were unloading things from the car and went to the trunk and out came a butterfly. We all stood there in complete shock and we watched it fly high and then low and then down to the lake. He was there all weekend with us and he left when we left.

After all the days grandpa had been with me, I thought I would get something for the days that I don’t see him. I got a monarch butterfly tattooed on my lower back with a beautiful flower that he sits on. I don’t know my grandfather and I have never seen him, but I do believe that he is with me everyday and he will always have my back.