This I Believe

Patrick - El Paso, Texas
Entered on April 30, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everything happens for a reason. In life we are put through many obstacles and challenges that make you stronger and wiser, which help you to deal with the tragedies and adversity that life brings.

Growing up I never had to deal with death until my dog died when I was 8. As simple of a loss that was it really helped me to understand and cope with death. It was hard I felt like the world was going to end. My best friend who was always waiting for me to get home by the door and would wake me up every morning for school was now gone and I didn’t know what to do.

Two weeks later my uncle who had been living with us and I had been very close to suddenly passed away. It was hard for me loose someone who had such a huge impact on my life and was so important and close to me. What I had learned from losing my dog just a few weeks prior to that was that life doesn’t stop to grieve, it just goes on and you have to as well. Death is apart of life and it’s ignorant to think that it is never going to happen to you, you could be laughing and having a great time and the next day it all could be gone.

Life puts us through a roller coaster, you go through the best of times and can be on all time high, and in an instant later you can drop and feel the lowest of lows. Everything that happens to you all happens for a reason, even if it’s the worst feeling in the world I think it happened for a legitimate reason like making you stronger so you might not have to feel that way again.