This I Believe

Chris - staten island, New York
Entered on April 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: birth

I believe in the right to life. At just six weeks an unborn baby has brain waves that can be measured. At seven weeks old an unborn baby is able to kick, and by the tenth week a baby is sensitive to touch. I beleive an unborn baby should be considered a human being.I believe aborting an unborn baby is a legal form of murder in some cases. I beleive in some extreme situations abortion is acceptable. Extreme cases such as rape, incest, health of the baby, and threat to life or health of the mother are all understandable reasons to have an abortion.

I believe choosing to have an abortion because of certain reasons is a crime. I believe if a mother decides to have an abortion beacause they will not be able to go out anymore is not a good enough reason to deny a human being life. My mother became pregnant with me at twenty years old. Many of her friends advised her to have an abortion because of her age. She knew that it would be tough raising me with on a part time salary. She also knew that she would be giving up some of the best years of her life to raise a child. Although she knew it would be a struggle to raise me she knew abortion was the wrong route to go. Looking back she knows she made the right decision. She said having me was the greatest moment of her life. This has made me realize this is not a good reason to have an abortion.

After thinking about my mothers situation I have realized how lucky I am. All of the people that have been aborted will never get to experience life. I might have never known what life is.

I believe life is very precious. I believe nobody has the right to deny another human being life. I don’t understand how a unborn baby can be killed without even being able to say a word. Every day I am greatful for being alive. I believe each of us should be realize how precious life is. Not everyone is able to make it. Everyday an innocent human being is being killed by abortion. It could have been any one of us.