This I Believe

Kahee - State College, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe in Giving

There wasn’t one cloud in the sky, it was over 90 degrees and the humidity was over 80% in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The girls on my mission team and I had to run under these conditions for being late to the start of the day at the orphanage. We were required to run down a steep hill and right back up for 30 minutes as a punishment. Even though we trained four months prior to the trip, it was one of the most intense exercises I ever endured. I started to sweat immediately, and the shower I took that morning was replaced by a quick shower of sweat. As soon as the challenge began, I felt misery and an immense amount of regret for being late. My misery quickly changed into happiness when the orphans grabbed my hand and started running with me. The other team members’ attitudes also instantly changed. Surprisingly, the task was more enjoyable and shorter than expected because of the orphans and their gracious hearts.

By the time the running was over, everyone was smiling and was drenching in sweat. One particular girl that was running, while holding my hand, was looking up at me smiling, even though she was wearing a fleece jacket. I smiled back and unzipped her fleece so she wouldn’t be too hot from the heat. I was shocked to see that this little girl didn’t have any other article of clothing underneath her fleece. Despite the scorching hot weather, she was willing to help me run the race. This tiny girl taught me to believe in the gift of giving. She gave me the gift of encouragement, the gift of happiness, and the gift of strength.

I believe in giving, whether it’s respect, courage, or clothes. After my missions trip, I held a clothing drive for those orphans in Thailand. I learned that others are in need and I can help by my willingness to give. When I give, I am able to put a smile on a child’s face or to give children attire that suits the weather. Whether the giving is large or small, the willingness to give to others can make the biggest difference in a person’s life. A tiny orphan in Thailand changed my life five years ago with her smile and encouragement. I still think of her in my times of trouble and hardships. Her willingness to give gives me strength to this day and reminds me that I can do the same for others.