This I Believe

Brooke - Missouri
Entered on April 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

Have you ever been so frustrated at something, but still strive to perfect it? Well I have experienced this through the game of golf, therefore I believe that life is comparable the game of golf. Golf is a complex game that is both physically and mentally challenging. In the game of golf, the only thing that matters is yourself. You make the strokes, putt the putts, and in the end you alone are responsible for your own score. In life, you are in charge of yourself as well. It is no one’s responsibility but your own for what you do or how you live your life and everything is fair game.

Golf is not a game that is rush or is played at a fast pace. I believe that we should live our lives at our own pace, and enjoy the things around us. Senior year of high school I was involved in many activities and rushed from place to place being involved in every little thing. After it all, I realized that I had been living my life with too much urgency and was not enjoying the simplicity of friends and family, two things that matter the most to me. If you rush through life, you will get worked up over things that do not matter. Likewise, if the game of golf is rushed, it is easy to not make par and easy to shoot a bad round.

In the game of golf, there will always be competitors. I believe that life is a competition. People will beat you and you will not always win, but what does matter is what you learned on the way there. You have to believe in yourself to achieve or make par and beat your component. I believe that healthy competitions only make us stronger as an individual and build our character.

Golf is an individual game, but you need support from others. Without friends and family, you would be all alone with no one cheering you on. I played golf in highschool and finished many rounds in first place, just because my friends were there on the last hole cheering me on. It helps to know someone believes in you and knows you can succeed. I believe that one builds upon the solid foundation of friends and family and without them one would be left in the dark.

Golf is a game of ups and downs where you can do good one day and worse the next. This teaches us that nothing in life is fair or easy. I have learned in my life, things are not always easy, and things do not always go right, but you have to keep going. You will always encounter things you cannot do, but I believe that this is the drive that motivates us to achieve and still keep reaching our goal. I have played golf for 5 years now and still continue to struggle at it, similar to life both are not easy to perfect therefore I strongly believe life is comparable to the game of golf.