This I Believe

Sarah - Rockford, Illinois
Entered on April 30, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that everyone has an opportunity for success. I believe that success can be measured in a variety of ways, and everyone’s measures of it is different. I believe that success changes your life. To one person it is having children, or helping the homeless, or graduating college, or becoming the CEO of a Fortune500 Company. Or maybe success to you is a combination of all of them? Success can be measured in such a minute or large way that it is not possible to limit the amount of success one person has, as long as they themselves believe that they have done something successful.

Besides for personal preference, success also varies with age. What you accomplished in kindergarten has a completely different effect on your life than what you did your senior year of college, but couldn’t you have completed both actions successfully? I believe that success is not a once in a lifetime thing, that once it is accomplished it will always be there. I believe that success comes in different measures at different times, and that is what keeps our lives exciting and unpredictable.

Throughout life I have taken an optimistic approach to my goals and what I have accomplished, and looking back at what I have done I realize that what seems to now be something so small was once a huge deal for me . . . It was my success. And like I said, I believe that success occurs at various times and during various situations. When I was six years old my mom put me in a tee-ball league. Although I was small, and that anyone could hit a ball off of a tee, I successfully hit that ball off of the tee and ran to first base. Playing tee-ball changed my life, and I ultimately ended up playing softball all through high school and still love to play it now. I also had another successful experience later on in my life. One day I went out and got the mail, and in the stack of envelopes was one addressed to me. I tore open the envelope, and inside I found a letter stating that I had been accepted to the University of Illinois. This was a great success that ultimately changed, and is still changing my life. Another situation that changed my life was becoming a member of Up ‘Til Dawn three years ago. Currently I am the director of the organization, and I dedicate much of my time to seeking out ways to raise money to donate to the terminally ill children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I believe that I am successfully dedicating my time and efforts to helping these children live a wonderful, fulfilled life.

You see, I believe that success and reward go hand in hand, and after a success is accomplished you feel proud of yourself for dedicating yourself and your time to striving to reach this goal. I believe that success changes your life. Everyone has different successes that they seek to obtain, you just need to open your eyes and realize that some of the smaller projects or situations that you have worked through could be a success to you. It could have changed your life.