This I Believe

Dominique - Covington, Kentucky
Entered on April 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

THIS I BELIEVE: I believe that state testing is stupid and unnecessary. We work our butts off all year just for our school to make us take another test, and what does it do for us? It’s supposed to make money for the school but my school doesn’t get any better. Besides you should know if your school is learning what they need to, you don’t need the state to tell you that. I think all it is; is a test for bragging rights just so they can show how much smarter one school is than the other. But really what’s the point of that? All it does is put one schools confidence down, by pretty much calling them stupid. We don’t need tests to tell us what we’ve learned; we figure that out by what we did during the year, not what all we can cram in our heads in two quick weeks. Especially at the end of the year, when we’re almost done with school, and everybody wants to relax and think of what their doing this year. But no, because we have to take a big test that does nothing for us but go on our permanent records. I mean sure it looks good if you get perfect scores, but if you go to a school that had low tests scores that perfect score won’t look too perfect. It’ll look like you just got by with an easy test and you just happened to barely be smart enough to pass. So I think they should get rid of state testing in public schools.