This I Believe

Min - State College, Pennsylvania
Entered on April 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Impossible is nothing

Impossible is nothing. You may have seen this in some commercial, and you may wonder why I chose that for the title of my paper. You will find out as you are reading this paper. Before I came to the United States, I was just an ordinary student who went to school, did the homework, and studied for tests. Basically, I did what everyone else did. I didn’t have much passion for my life, and hadn’t put much effort into anything I did. Therefore, I didn’t get a good result on the college entrance exam, which takes place once a year. I had to decide whether to study one more year for that exam or to study abroad in the United States. I chose to go to the United States because I didn’t want to study the same materials all over again. There was no other reason.

I was very happy when I first arrived in the United States because I thought I didn’t have to study. However, I faced the biggest challenge of my life. It was English. I had learned how to read, but never learned how to speak English. There were only a couple of words that came out of my mouth easily, such as “Hello, Hi, How are you, Thank you, Nice to meet you.” I couldn’t communicate with people other than some words and body languages. I had no idea how I was going to survive in the United States without speaking English proficiently. For the first time in my life, I had a goal to achieve. And I knew that required lots of effort.

I started to watch TV everyday with my dictionary in front of me. I couldn’t understand anything at first, however, as time went by, I started to understand more and more. Even in classes, I started to understand what the teachers were talking about. I decided to set a bigger goal; enter a distinguished, renowned university. I studied very hard and put my effort into it, and then I applied to Penn State, Michigan State, and Ohio State. However, the most desirable school for me was the Penn State. Therefore, when I got accepted to Penn State, I felt something indescribable. I was proud of myself for achieving the goal I set.

During the four years of college, I put effort into my studies. Now I am about to graduate with a decent GPA and ready to enter the real world. When a larva wants to be a butterfly, it would have to endure pain to take off its skin. While I run toward my precious dream all kinds of trials are expected, but I will try to endure all of them. Then, I’ll be able to stand on the summit of the place where I want to be. Whenever I face a challenge, I will talk to my self “If you put in your effort, work hard, and go for your goal, Nothing is impossible!”