This I Believe

Stephanie - Indiana
Entered on April 29, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe that I am ignorant about the world around me. I don’t really know how other people are living because I haven’t walked in their shoes for a day. I hear and see these third world countries in so much poverty on the news, but I try to ignore it or say that it is not my problem. So whose problem is it? Is it my countries problem? Or is it a world wide problem? Who are to blame when innocent children die of poverty or AIDS because they didn’t have enough money?

I blame myself because it is my problem.

I recently was watching American Idol, and on last night’s show they raised money for children in Africa and the United States. Watching those clips of African children living by their selves because their mother and father have died from AIDS. It breaks my heart. For the first time I didn’t change the channel to try and ignore it. I sat on the couch crying my eyes out. Those children have it bad, but still manage to keep a smile on their faces. The people in New Orleans that are still living in temporary trailer homes are just glad that they have each other. It is crazy! Katrina happened almost 2 years ago.

I blame myself for being ignorant about what happens in my very own country.

I sponsor a girl in India. Her name is Padma. She is the most grateful person I have ever met. Padma never talks about herself when she writes, but rather wants to know how I’m doing. I think to myself I’m doing great with a roof over my head, and everything that I would ever want is right in front of me. Padma always writes at the end of her letters I will pray for you. I send $20 every month to her. $20 gives her an education, food, and shelter. $20 is less than the gas that I pay to put in my truck. $20 saves 10 children in Africa by providing them a pill against Malaria. That’s only $2 a pill to save a life. I spend more than that on lunch everyday.

I take so many little things for granted in my life. Impoverished people often only dream of an education, food, and shelter. I used to blame myself for being so ignorant about the world around me, but today I am proud of myself for standing up for the end of poverty all over. This I believe that a person can be ignorant about the world around them, but can change and make all the difference! I know because I was one of them.