This I Believe

christina - chandler, Arizona
Entered on April 29, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: parenthood

Daddy just for a moment

“daddy is on a business trip he will be home soon” my mother would say with a soft reassuring voice, I know she missed him too. He would eventually come home after being overseas, or traveling the country for weeks at a time. As soon as he walked through the door I would run towards him falling to my knees clinging to his legs so excited that he was home again although, I knew It would only be for a little while. “I’m so glad that you are home daddy I missed you.” He would peel my arms away off his legs and walk straight to his bedroom, straight through me as if I was not even there, he walked away. I would hear him tell my mom to please keep us away for awhile so that he could have peace and quite. My father was a businessman, he was serious, stern, and unemotional. My fathers success and professional achievements defined who he was. My father was not a family man, his three beautiful children, devoted loving wife were not what drove him to be a better person, it was his career.

I strongly believe, that life should be a balancing act between family and career. My father choose to have a family but never chose to make family a priority. Twenty years later he tries to be involved, he tries to relate . I am an adult now and he struggles to understand why I am no longer waiting by the door ,hanging on every last word, and why his promises mean nothing . I have formed my own opinions about life, and love, and men, without any input or advice from my father. If he had taken the time to leave work at the office, come home and be with his family his now adult children would not be mere strangers that resemble him.

I understand that that balance between work and home is not easy, it takes dedication and genuine effort. My father and I get together once a month now to have dinner ; we try to get to know each other, we talk about life , work, and sometimes even love. I have learned from my father that family should be a priority; family will be there for you long after your career has ended , it is never too late to sped time with your children