This I Believe

Guy - Los Gatos, California
Entered on April 29, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe is to judge without evidence, to reason without logic, to act

without understanding, to think without thinking.

I believe robs us of our ability to discern, to sift the evidence, to find

the reasons and understanding of ourselves and our environment.

I believe is closes our minds, entrenches our thoughts, cements our dogma.

I believe absolves us from thinking, allows us to fall to comfortable

armchairs of bias, cosseted by the soothing vibrations of reason and doubt

ebbing away on a tide of self indulgement.

I believe is to be manipulated, to be led around by our beliefs like so many

lambs to the slaughter.

I believe is the need to explain the unexplained. To decorate our thoughts

and daily doings with the baubles of our cultural, environmental and political

biases and bigotries – the benign and not so benign.

I believe is to repeat something enough times in an attempt to make it true.

I believe is mans attempt to make sense of things we don’t understand.

I believe is to loose hope that we ever will.

Man can understand but a fraction of all the intricacies of life, for everything

else, there is “I believe…”

But just suppose ‘I believe’ was ‘Just imagine’.

Just imagine opens our minds, stretches our thoughts and frees our dogma.

Just imagine forces us to think, upsets the comfy biases and slaps us in the

face with reason & doubt.

Just imagine is never constant, never the same and always changing.

Just imagine is an interesting journey for more than one.

Just imagine sharing an insight.

Just imagine saying something new.

Just imagine making something different.

Just imagine provides hope that everything can be explained.

Just imagine is simply tolerating everything that can’t.

Just imagine.