This I Believe

josh - knoxville, Tennessee
Entered on April 28, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Download Music

I believe that everyone should download their music and not buy it from a store or an online music store.

Music is something that is relaxing, enjoyable, and stress relieving and should be enjoyed by everyone not just people who can afford to buy 20 dollar CDs every time they want new music. I have been downloading music since my freshman year in High School and continue to every day. I have roughly 4 GB of legitimate music and around 40 GB of downloaded music. There are many different programs to use to download music such as Limewire and Bit torrenting. Music is a way out of my problems and I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy music not just the people who want to pay 20 dollars a CD or to buy music online.

While many people say that downloading is bad or ripping of the artist, then why do we see music videos of people throwing money and hear about how some pop star just bought a new 10 million dollar house. If these people are really so poor then they should be learning to budget and should not spending 10 million dollars on a house, that they apparently can not afford because their so poor. While the government is trying to crack down on music downloading, I believe it will not work because it’s like trying to stop the world from putting one sole thing on the internet which is nearly impossible with everyone getting computers for so cheap.

Music has been an inspiration to my life and great part of it. It has helped me to relate my life troubles to, to get away and relax, and been fun to listen to. I can not go a day without listening to my music at some point and can not stand it when there is not music playing everywhere I go. By downloading music it would make it easier for everyone to be enjoying the pleasures of music. By getting unlimited amounts of music for mere time your can better your life and make it more enjoyable weather it is for a party or casual listening. Music is a way to better lives and therefore should not have a price on it, this I believe.