This I Believe

Nancy - Upper Galilee Israel, Israel
Entered on April 28, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in the power of life and nature on this planet. Every time I clean the stairs

leading to my apartment and see tiny weeds and spiders growing and living in the

cracks where a few grains of dust and dirt have accumulated, I wonder at the

amazing adaptability life has on earth. The sheer variety of living organisms in every

conceivable and unconceivable niche is truly something to wonder about. Scientists

are still discovering new life forms right here on earth in places that one would never

think life possible. My awe of nature and life does not stem from religion but from my

observations and reading. It gives me hope that even if humankind manages to really

screw things up and destroy itself, life will continue on earth without us and despite

what we may leave in our wake. Just as surely as the weeds and bugs will

eventually make my stairway crumble in time, nature will go on in its inevitable

course, species will come and go and mountains will rise and fall. I believe that we as

a species should take care and responsibility for our planet – my belief in the power

of nature doesn’t mean I think we can continue to pollute and cause global warming

without any dire consequences for both the planets well being and our own, I just

think we need to be a bit more humble and realize that even if we don’t correct all of

our mistakes, don’t take other species and their habitats into our consideration, the

planet will survive, and maybe even thrive without us. We should behave as

responsible tenants while we hold our place as the dominant species here but…

There have been lots of catastrophes in earths history that have wiped out many

species, and still life here develops and evolves and the wonder of it all is something

that gives me pause – every day when I see clouds of gnats swarming in the spring air

or the weeds growing in my stairs.