This I Believe

Eric - Joliet, Illinois
Entered on April 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

To Be or Not to Be?

We live in a world that is always twisting and turning,

In a society where the souls of the destitute we leave burning.

In a world where we look at the wealthy with such dexterity,

That at times it causes the blind to see better than we can ever be.

All this brings up the question, “To be or not to be?”

And I do want this of course to be taken literally,

For I believe that if one is to be, then one may live liberally,

And if one is not to be, then we live in a world of slavery.

Now, lets get away from generalities

And concentrate on nationalities.

At times I question whether we ever had a choice,

To pick and choose our voice.

My voice I must say is a bit diverse

For with different peoples I can converse.

Although I believe it is to my advantage

Many want me to shut up and put up a bandage.

It is like the time I went shopping

And saw an old woman that was parking.

I never understood why the lady was hidden

Until I realized that to many my language was forbidden.

As I walked, she locked, and as I would speak she would peek.

As she stared at me with malevolence

I tried using benevolence,

When she gave me an evil eye

All I did was say “hi.”

To me she lives in a world of slavery

For she is unable to commit to bravery.

Her cowardliness makes me want to have finesse

In all of this distress, but why distress?

Distress because I saw her leave the destitute to burn

By treating me with such scorn.

I truly hope that one day we can all be, by refusing to see.

That this I believe we all should be.