This I Believe

Chelsea - Saco, Maine
Entered on April 27, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in friendship. I believe in the kind of friends who are there for you, no matter what. Over time you learn which of your friends are like this. I have a best friend who I can confidently say is always here for me.

Her name is Courtney Grinnell. There was a time this year when I felt like everyone was turning their back on me, but she never did. She was there for me when no one else was, and I love her for that. She has taught me what a true friend really is.

I think everyone should have a friend that they can truly trust with everything they have. Best friends help you change into a better, more confident person. A person with many good friends is normally much happier than someone who doesn’t have someone they can talk to. People without friends normally keep to themselves if they have a problem when it could probably be solved just by talking it out with someone you trust. This is why I feel everyone needs a good friend they can trust that is always going to be there for them. Someone who won’t tell your secrets and with whom you can share a million laughs. Everyone needs laughter in their life; no one wants to be sad all the time.

I feel friendship is an extremely important element in everyone’s live, if not everyone’s, I know it is in mine. I couldn’t live without my friends. They all mean the world to me. This is why I believe in friendship, because of Courtney.