This I Believe

Steve - Gulfport, Mississippi
Entered on April 27, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

Electronic Dependency

I believe people are caught up in the advanced electronic gadgets today. Seems to be all about who has the newest features, functions, model or the coolest accessories. Like the new automobiles that will parallel park for you, just pull up and stop, push a button, and let go of the wheel. I see people using the Internet and watching television shows on their cell phones. Give me a break, what’s next?

Cell phones have come a long way over the last twenty years. They are convenient to have but have also become a dangerous little distraction as well. I was taking my two youngest kids to Wal-mart and this girl in her late teens pulled right out in front of us. We were going about 45 mph. I locked up the brakes on my truck; things started flying forward as our bodies pressed against the straps of our seat belts. My kids were freaking out as we came to a screeching stop. We were so close that I could only see part of her face when I looked over the end of my hood. Then to my amazement, she eased up some to look around the corner of my truck to see if anything was coming. Then drove off with her cell to her ear like nothing had happened.

I cannot take my family out for a nice dinner without the cell phones ringing all around us. As I look around I see people talking on cell phones or sending text messages on them as they eat their meal. Even in the last office I worked in, the people believed they could not be productive if the Internet goes down out. I have watched people spend 20 minutes logging on the computer, remembering user name and password and waiting to get into their email program to ask simple work related questions from another employee that works in a different building. In those 20 minutes, I could have walked across the street to the other building and informed the employee to check their email. It just amazes me, how electronically dependant people have become. Regular landline conversations or face-to-face conversations are more reliable and sometimes just as fast or faster the emails. I do use my email accounts but I have to sift through hundreds of junk emails and jokes from family and friends. I believe if people could save a lot of time and money if they could unhook themselves from the electronic leashes their on.