This I Believe

Jessica - Miami, Florida
Entered on April 27, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in a good education. My education is at the very top of my priority list. I love going to class and learning something new. I worry when I arrive late to class or when I miss a class because that jeopardizes my grade. Sometimes I try my best to get an A on a paper or an assignment. However, when I do not earn the grade I expect, I get a little frustrated. I believe it is so important to be an educated person, because your education can take you anywhere.

College is everything I expected it to be. It feels as if I learned more in one month of college than I did in one year of high school. My classes are very interesting in comparison with the classes I took in high school and my teachers really know how to get their point across to their students. This institution of higher education will help me achieve my goals and it will enlighten me with the information I need to survive in the workforce, and most importantly, in life.

Many teenagers drop out of high school because they do not like it. I believe they are making a huge mistake because dealing with what most of us believe are silly and pointless classes in high school, allowed me to enter the wonderful world of college. I can confidently say that going to college was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I have the choice of taking a class on any subject I desire at any time of the day I want to take that course. College also exposes you to different activities, people, careers, et cetera. I believe a college education would behoove you in more ways than one.

If you have a college degree and you apply for a position that is unrelated to your major, you are more likely to get hired than someone without a college degree. This probability only proves that a good education opens up many more opportunities in the workforce than having no education at all. Suppose you are a high school graduate without any work experience searching for a job. You apply to a small business, you get hired and you earn the minimum wage of $6.50 per hour. A few weeks later, doing your job is second nature to you and your boss even raises your salary. Now, you have an incentive that encourages you to go to work. But what happens when that incentive fades out? Soon you realize that you do not like dealing with difficult customers who give you a hard time or you might dislike your boss; now you are unhappy with your job, and as you build experience, you learn what you like and dislike about the workforce. You also wonder about what kind of working environment you would like for your future dream job. This is where a college education would come in handy. It gives you the tools you need to advance yourself in terms of employment and it can get you into the occupation you wish to have.

Realistic dreams are made real through a solid education. People can break into your home, steal your car or your money, but they can never take away your education. It is something you keep for the rest of your life, and I believe a good education can change your life in a very good way.