This I Believe

Carlo - Burlington, Massachusetts
Entered on April 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: Christianity

I believe in Angels. I know that a beautiful woman or even a man can be seen in a glowing view to assist those that are in need, whether poor, hungry, or just asking for help in their lives. At church, I see people that are old, sick, some young and diseased and I notice light shine over their heads as if they were summoned by God to receive an angel for help. Funny as it may sound, I believe in angels “in the outfield”, like in Baseball or any other sport. I remember doing a stint in little league baseball catching a ball that I had no idea where it was. I felt something in my glove after and I looked around at everyone cheering like I won the ballgame. It was only the first inning, but then I went up to bat and I smacked a Home Run over the fence! IN LITTLE LEAGUE, it is very difficult to do such a thing. My coach said, “You must have an angel by your side”. I never understood what he meant but since that day, I notice them more than before.

Church doesn’t have to be anglicized but I noticed if you really believe it CAN happen. An angel will be there for you when you want one most or even when you least expect it. That’s my output on what I truly believe in because I know everyone has there own opinion on angels. I would think angels are like God or God’s assistants and if you don’t believe in angels, you don’t believe in God. You probably don’t want to hear me ramble, but watch the movie “Angels in the Outfield”. Near the end of the movie, you’ll get what the foster care woman says when she says to a crowd,” You don’t have to realize an angel unless you are with some of your own” (meaning her foster kids she takes care of are angels of her own).