This I Believe

Drue - Kalamazoo, Michigan
Entered on April 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: morality

I was brought up in a God-honoring Christian family. I went to church every Sunday and learned all the Bible Stories. I went to a Christian elementary and middle school and had more biblical knowledge instilled in me there. When I was a freshman I wanted to go to the local public high school, however, my parents insisted that I stay in my Christian school, and enroll as a freshman there. During my four years, I was able to have a very successful athletic career in basketball and baseball and got recruited to play baseball at a local junior college. It was only until I got to college where my faith was for the first time truly tested. I was always taught that sex is supposed to be a sacred covenant between a husband and a wife and it is supposed to be saved for marriage. When I got to college away from the safety of my Christian high school I couldn’t believe all the kids that were having sex! It amazed me. So one Sunday at church the pastor was talking about sexual purity and challenging high school and college students. After the service I signed a commitment to purity and promised myself, my parents, and my God that I would refrain from having sex before marriage. I will be a junior in college in the fall and I am proud to report that I have kept myself sexually pure. It has a been a test to say the least especially in our society since we are so desensitized to sex. In fact, I have been open to the fact that I am a virgin to many of my friends and although they were very surprised they respect me for my decision. From time to time I will take a little ribbing from some people that I don’t know real well and I am the only openly not sexually active member on my 25-member baseball team. But this is what I believe. I believe that sex is supposed to be saved for marriage and I am saving myself for my future wife. I was lucky enough to start dating a girl who shares my beliefs. We have been dating for six months now, and I would rate our relationship as better than any of our friends that have sex. Just because you don’t have sex in college, it doesn’t mean your gay or you’re just a nerd, it means you have strong morals. I hope one day I will pass these morals down to my own children.