This I Believe

Samir - Palmdale, California
Entered on April 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope, peace, war

War: No Winners or Losers

I am not an American war hero. The strongest, bravest Marine is not a war hero. There is no such thing as a war hero. There are no hero’s in war. There are only young American’s who were turned into killing machines. Only hundreds and thousands of blossoming and flourishing young minds that were convinced to join an army and go to war. They were told that they would be Hero’s.

I believe that war is not the answer. I believe that war is a simple, barbaric and temporary solution for world conflict. Actually, a temporary solution is no solution at all. I wish that we could find a better way of dealing with conflict. For centuries, people have chosen to shed the blood of their brothers in the name of holiness and patriotism. Killing is always wrong and whomever attempts to justify killing in the spirit of War is truly mistaken. Why should war be an excuse for murder? Why have we as intelligent human beings accepted war as the solution to conflict for centuries?

War is evil. War creates monsters out of beautiful people. War ruins lives. War not only claims the lives of soldiers, but it claims the lives of the innocent. The helpless women and children who are caught in the crossfire of an evil and senseless act. These people have no choice. They have been born into a culture that readily chooses death over life. War over peace. And dissension over compromise.

War affects the lives of everyone. War is not the only answer. War forces numerous of my friends to kill. It forces others to kill my friends. It forces a mother to raise a child without a father. War justifies the killing of one man by the killing of another. Have we learned nothing from our history. War should always be the last option. Like Mohandas Ghandi said, “An eye for an eye only leaves the whole world blind.” Why do we ignore the words of righteous men?

War is wrong and war is evil. I believe that war is not the answer, and this enables me to continue on in my hope for world peace. I love all the people in the world and I know that we are all capable to make love, not war. I am forever optimistic in my hope for world peace.

This optimism helps me to strive for peace, love and understanding. Even though the world today is full of hate today, I know that this can change. And I don’t’ hate those who hate. This would not make any sense. I only wish that they could remove that hate from their hearts.

Then the world would be a better place. When we can finally see that war is not, and never should be, the answer.