This I Believe

jamie - gulfport, Mississippi
Entered on April 26, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: family

I believe in dysfunction families. I know that everybody does not have a picture perfect family life or parents and that can make the person weak or make them strong, making them want to strive to accomplish something great out of there own life instead of using there family life as a crutch to justify how they act towards people or themselves.

My parents had great jobs that brought in good income. My dad was a DA investigator and my mother was a secretary for well known law firm. We had a two story house and we always had at least two or three cars. Well, some people would love to have those glamorous accomplishments but what leads up to this life is not always glamorous.

I have a sister and a brother. My sister was sixteen when she moved out, she did not want to live with my parents anymore because she did not have certain freedom that she wanted so she moved back to Illinois to live with our grandparents and she has been there ever since. Some years later my parents were thinking about getting a divorce which I was not sad about it because oddly enough I wanted them to get one because I would get to live in two house holds and with no rules and my parents fought constantly anyway. The divorce ,I think, was not my dads idea I figured it was not because he would always threaten to take his own life if my mom left him. There were many times she grabbed me and my brother out of bed in the middle of the night to get away from our father. I am twenty four years of age and all the years my parents have fought and threaten each other they are still together till this day. I try to use what my parents have gone through to use it as a strength to better my life. My parents were not perfect but they did not want me to go through the things they did raising us and it has made me stronger and I do not use it as a crutch in life.