This I Believe

Jonathan - Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Entered on April 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe life is so miraculous that mere words cannot fully explain its beauty. I am not sure when this belief came about, but I am positive why I feel the way I do. First of all, this thought comes from the beauty around me and the lingering finger prints of god’s hand from when he shaped the world. For instance, when I look at a beautiful woman or the sun creating a million jewels upon the ocean’s current, I see the impact of god. These wonderful creations by God always remind me that every day I live is a miracle and should be treated as such.

In addition, Life is enhanced by the finite aspect it possesses because time causes people to live today and not wait for tomorrow. If life were to go on forever, then many would take it for granted. All of this is a part of god’s plan and further increases the beauty of life. However, some are saddened by the undeniable and inescapable fate of death, but death is not a scuff on the face of life because death is a new beginning. Death is never an ending. The soul is eternal and there is so much more god would like to show me than just the reality I am currently a part of. Besides, if my life were infinite, I would not be able to complete my journey. This would mean I would be stuck in this life forever. Surely, this would be more of a curse than a blessing.

I would also like to share that sometimes my belief is shaken when there is pain, grief, racism, murder, war, etc… However, I am always reminded that through every disastrous event, there are always acts of great kindness that shine through and abolish any thought that life is an ugly and wicked thing. The Jewish teacher who sacrificed himself to save the lives of his students at Virginia Tech is a fine example. His act of divine heroism far out weighs anything evil could ever produce. Another example is hurricane Katrina because even though it shattered many lives and homes, it triggered people to come together and help one another in their time of need. These acts of bravery and kindness truly show what the human spirit is capable of; Consequently, I am truly proud to be a part of it.