This I Believe

April - Conway, Arkansas
Entered on April 26, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I believe that mothers are important no matter what job they choose to do outside their home. Mothering is the most important job that they can have.

All mothers are important. Unfortunately those who choose to stay at home and be solely mothers are often regarded as second class by other mothers in society. Women who devote their whole life to their children don’t quite fit in America’s hurried, money-based societ. The rewards are much greater than any amount of money could be.

The mom who wears out of date or simple clothes so that she can afford new clothes for her ever-growing children is more of a woman than the perfectly manicured mom who works a second job who can afford the latest trends and looks down on the out of trend mother.

The single mom who struggles to work to provide for her kids the things that they require as well as the time and companionship that they need is also a great woman. She should not be looked down on for being a “single mom.” She is often considered as the high school slut who couldn’t keep her legs shut, but in reality her husband may have cheated on her or divorced for some other reason, he may have died, or she may have been raped and made the difficult choice to keep the child. There are many painful reasons to end up as a single mom and treating her like a second class mom adds insult to the pain.

A mom who does work for a second income shouldn’t be prejudged as snobby by all the other moms. Unfortunately many are, so the nice ones get slammed for it too. You can have happy and healthy kids that go to school while you work outside the home. Many mothers successfully make their children their number one priority while still earning extra income for their family.

Women need to be less judgemental of each other for the kinds of clothes and make up that they wear, the kinds of cars that they drive and the jobs that they do. The most important thing is to be a mother to their kids. Having that relationship and nurturing their young children into mature adults of the next generation is the most important job that anyone could undertake. Let each do it to the best of her ability and not be judged for doing it the best way she can. Mother is important.