This I Believe

Jackie - El Paso, Texas
Entered on April 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that running is more then just a sport; it’s a way for you just to escape from the world round you. Just you, you’re thought, the road Just to be on your own, no one telling what to do, how to dress, not to act a certain way. Just a Time for you just to be you, no one else, not to put on a smile just to satisfy the people around you. You can also release your anger in just running thinking about all the pain and anger you go thought. With every step your problems become smaller and smaller.

I was a freshman in high school when I first discovered the sport Cross Country but then I never knew how much I fell in love with sport. The Practice may be a pain, lungs may hurt, your legs give out on putting so much miles in, the pain your body is in after a hard work out can barley breathe, the hot days but once you step on the starting line on race day that all the pain I went though is all worth it once the gun goes off. But then I realized that there is more to running then just a sport I say the passion I had for it. Once my problems came I began to run longer and harder but I never knew why. Then one day I knew why I was running so much because I was going though so much pain that when I was running I was my thoughts and no one else’s.

Around the end of my junior year my friends started to become more different to me as well as my parents, I tried so hard to prove to them I’m the person they wanted to see. Running let me be my self I didn’t get to hide the person I was. I let it out many times I would be crying while running thinking I could never satisfy my friend by being someone they wanted to see. So I kept trying to prove to them what kind of person I can be for them and I just kept running being my self with hiding the real me.

My parents began to treat me differently, my brother is studying to become and engineer. I am really proud of what he has accomplished but they treat me like I am worth nothing and he is worth a million dollars. Many times my parents are comparing me to my brother saying why I can’t be more like him that brings me to tears so much. Recently they bought my brother a 200 dollar golf club and will refuse to buy me a new phone because I accentually fell in the pool. So I was pressured to get a job and my brother was never pressured. Tears were running down my face I’m a very sensitive person and to release my pain and anger I went on a long running to release my stress.

As a runner running is the best thing it also releases my stress and help me build my inference level. It not all that bad when you run its not that you feel no pain.