This I Believe

Tina - Columbus, Wisconsin
Entered on April 25, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

Curiosities & Fascinations

Regret is ending my day without coming upon one curious moment. A shame is going through an entire week without encountering something utterly fascinating. A travesty is going through life extinguishing my curiosity and fascination in the pretense of being a mature adult. The ability to wonder and muse about my curiosities and fascinations is what transforms my ordinary routines into simulating journeys. This I truly believe, for I go on far greater journeys in my mind than anywhere my bodily, daily travels may take me.

Today, I spent some time reflecting upon my curiosity and fascination. I believe that most of us are naturally curious people and do take pauses in our daily lives to foster our curiosities. For me to find something fascinating, it has to be a curiosity that is extraordinary, one that reaches to my highest level of wonderment and astonishment. Objects that fascinate me are old barns and newborn babies. The cicada, an insect that emerges from the ground every 17 years, totally fascinates me. The mythology of opening Pandora’s Box is also worthy of my fascination. However, the entity that fascinates me the most is people who live to be one hundred, or more, years old. I’m curious to know more about their lives. I wonder what their childhood was like, growing up in a time very different from mine. I wonder where they have lived, and who they have loved. I wonder what events or things they have found fascinating in their lives.

I wonder if I will live to be one hundred years old. I hope so, because I’m inquisitively curious to know what will happen in and to the world in which I live.

I believe with absolute conviction, that it’s my responsibility to fill my life with curiosity and fascination. I stop to wonder, will the journeys I take in my mind when I’m one hundred years old, look toward the past, the present, or the future.