This I Believe

Ernesto - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on April 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

In my high school everybody asks questions; not simple questions, questions that force you to come up with a “creative” response. I feel that creativity is a slackers way of getting around the real work. Before high school I was fairly sure that everybody had accepted the fact that after grade school is high school, after high school is college, and after college comes a job that requires manual labor. I was positive that everybody was going to follow roughly the same course and everything was going to turn out alright. Well, I have never had more of a shock than when I experienced my first full size dose of creative response.

During my junior year english class my teacher pushed creativity, free thinking, and creative responses. Well needless to say my simple ideas and theories were shattered and I struggled miserabley with the fact that my teacher, the classroom leader, didn’t lay out instructions for me.

I believe in the basics. There is always a chain of command in high school, its teacher and then student. The teacher instructs and the student learns, how is one going to learn with no instruction? I began to analyze what the basics meant to me. When I think basic I think building blocks. When I think building blocks I think Legos. When I think Legos I think instructions. Instructions give you definitive answer and that was why these “creative” projects were so hard for me. There is always a correct path deviod of pictures, paintings, and opinions that could be followed.

Life is about the basics, everybody should go to school, everybody should work, and everybody should retire. I believe that my path is as clear as that little yellow brick road Dorothy followed.

Stick to the basics, you’ll be fine. There is no room in this crazy hectic world to be asking creative questions. Life’s too short to come up with creative responses. Lay it all out for me and you’ll be sure to get exactly what you were looking for. Stick to the basics and suceed.