This I Believe

Angelina - Long Beach, California
Entered on April 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, love

Don’t forget us

I believe that every child needs a family. Sure you and your family have those times where you fight, but no one is perfect. Everybody can make babies, but doesn’t always mean you are a family. I was abandoned by my parents when I was seven years old. I was put in an orphanage. There were forty of us who all had the same dream. We all wanted a family.

I attended school with kids that had families. I was very sad when we had to bring our parents to the parent teacher meetings. I never made a card for mother’s or father’s day. I didn’t have anyone to kiss me goodnight or read me a story. I never felt the love except my sisters. I was lucky I wasn’t an only child. I would always dream of a mom and a dad. The one’s like in the movies, who are always there to kiss you when you fall. Buy you a big lollipop or an ice cream cone, but those were only dreams.

When I was eleven years old my sister and I got adopted by an American couple. I now call them mom and dad. That was the best thing that ever happened to me. I now have a family that I could love and they would love me back. I bring my parents to the parent teacher meetings and make them mother’s and father’s day cards. I not only was loved by them, but also by their family members too. I was part of a new family tree.

The real family will kiss you when you fall, but there the ones who push you in the first place. Family is love, but I can sure tell you it’s not like. I have now lived in a America for four years. I still thank God for blessing me with this loving and caring family. I know I had a harsh start in life, but it all came through.

I think every child should have a family so they can experience the love. A child can’t take care of it’s self. They need that support and love. I don’t think any child would like to be left behind or forgotten. I know I didn’t. To have a family is the most wonderful thing a child could ever wish for. You don’t have to be always related to be a family. The things that make you a family are love, care, and faith. There are still children out there who have the same dream that I had and that is to have a family.