This I Believe

joanne - torrance, California
Entered on April 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that starry-eyed idealism has a place in the “real” world– and that place is right here. It is my faith in the people of this world and the startling evidence of human sentiment that propels me in my life presently and in the future. Perhaps such idealistic visions are cliché amidst the dulled cynicism of existentialist post-modernity, but “wholesome” clichés themselves are a testament to the enduring human hope. I believe that their continued existence alone indicates that a certain fundamental understanding of optimism still resonates with people. This is not to say that I think every single person in the world has good intentions; however, I do think that people can be inspired and affected by the apparent beauty of another person’s presence in our world. Certainly idealism carries with it rather grand and lofty visions of utopic existence, but I believe that there are things that are bigger and greater than us individually and these things are what enable us to appreciate those ephemeral and whimsical experiences that make life so delicious. For example, I believe in a daffodil’s marvelously courageous fight to survive the winter and its triumphant emergence in spring with delicate blooms and the way a poppy lives its short-lived one day life gloriously with all of their beautiful colors unfurled to the sun. I refuse to accept “reality” in the form of an often cruel and scurvy world; instead I believe that idealism is that divine glimpse of the truly good things in life.