This I Believe

nancy - Mpls, Minnesota
Entered on April 24, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I believe

We live in a 3rd grade classroom. The earth, the solar system, cosmic physics and sub atomic energy. It’s all a classroom.

It’s messy and noisy and smelly. Some kids are bullys , some kids are genius’s , most of us are just trying to get through the year alive. Hopefully we will graduate 3rd grade and move on but many of us have to repeat.

In any case the room stays basically the same and the God of this room teaches the same lessons every year. How to love your neighbor as yourself, not to steal or lie, be righteous, use your brain for good etc. etc. This is why when you read the history books nothing seems to have changed much, stories of love, war, beauty, greed, crime, glory, murder, corruption, riches, poverty, procreation.

Even pollution, global warming and extinction which we think are new are not new.

When man first built a shelter, somebody said “Hey, you can’t do that. If the gods wanted us to live out on the field they would have given us a shelter there.”

When man first started plowing fields, somebody said “hey, you’re ruining the environment.

When man started playing with fire, somebody said “Hey, that could be dangerous, this could lead to bigger problems.”

When man figured out the connection between sex and children being born, somebody said “Hey, You’re playing God, You can’t just go around making babies when ever you want to.

Nothing changes. The details and projects change but the basic science doesn’t change. We have the same instincts and drives and emotions as the first caveman. The basic human condition and experience doesn’t change. Even in different countries and different religions, The basic instincts to have a family and live a good and righteous life are the same.

The lessons don’t change. Every religion teaches us not to hate and kill one another but we still do.

I am hoping to graduate soon.