This I Believe

Albert - Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Entered on April 24, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

When it comes to the topic of conserving our environment, a lot of things go into debate. The controversy between local and organic foods, the usage of automobiles, and the safety of animals are all examples. Through listening to and analyzing these debates, I have developed my own beliefs and opinions that, I believe, have molded me into a more environmentally aware individual.

I believe in the preservation of the world. The Earth is a beautiful, complex place, yet deeply wounded by the choices human beings make. Before the era of man, trees stood tall, oceans were clear, and animals lived peacefully. But technological advancements took over, leaving a once beautiful and serene environment into a polluted, overpopulated pandemonium. Now the trees are used for paper and wood, the oceans used as waste sites and places to fish, and the animals used as delicacies for a man’s stomach. I believe that all of these human-caused events not only harm the planet, but people as well. Without the water, air, and land this planet provides us, the entire human race would be in jeopardy. So in a way, a human’s destruction of the world is also destruction to himself.

I believe in nature. Personally, I believe that the human species needs to respect the way nature works. Currently, most of us are not even aware of the damage we cause. Even daily acts add up and can cause potential threats to the environment. A piece of trash mindlessly thrown away in the ocean could kill a living organism that happens to eat it. A drive to the local supermarket could stimulate the effects of global warming, giving less ice for a polar bear to stand on. A simple mowing of the lawn could kill many grass inhabitants, including ants, beetles, and ladybugs. Nature connects the world, and if today’s human actions continue to destroy this beautiful facet of life, the generations of the future will forego this experience. I believe that it is my responsibility to protect this nature so the people of the future can enjoy its power and beauty.

I believe in solutions. Implementations of awareness programs or something more eventful could assist in solving the problems with human intervention on nature’s grounds. Maybe through more use of fluorescent light bulbs, hybrid cars, and recycling, just to list some examples, there would be enough of an impact to make this world more environmentally friendly. If more people could be convinced that nature is where true beauty lies, if we could somehow reprogram human mind-sets that nature is most useful when it is preserved, it might be a big step towards stopping human’s relentless, and oftentimes unknown, destruction of the Earth. The preservation of the world is key in improving the health of its people, animals, and plants, constructing a safer place to live in, and upholding its beauty for the future generations to come, this I believe.