This I Believe

Alexis - Sachse, Texas
Entered on April 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe…

I believe in myself, and I wish that others would do the same. I’ve done many things in my life of which I’m proud of but I’ve also done things of which I’m very ashamed, but that doesn’t mean that I want to go back and change something. I’ve done what I’ve done and that’s that. My life can be very crazy at times with so many different emotions pulsing through my body all at once. Sometimes I tell my mother that my

Blood is boiling because I’m so frustrated. There are billions of people in the world with many groups or “clicks” I guess you could call it. Out of all of those, I don’t belong to one. I’m very independent I guess you could say, but very sociable as well. In my school I have one or two friends from every corner, it seems like. I try to except people for who they are and try not to argue with the ones I disagree with. Because of this, I don’t know of very many enemies of mine or even any at all. I’m a hardworking individual who sees other as a mystery. I’m very dedicated to what I love and enjoy learning new things. I don’t have a very big box or bubble, but I can be quiet a lot for no reason. I’m a thinker. Lately I’ve been thinking of chances and where they might lead an individual. If someone did something just so they could be like someone else then they might just be going down the wrong path. I take chances all the time in just living life. I wouldn’t be at this point of my life or even the same person if it wasn’t for the chances I’ve taken. One major impact on me is my love life. But I think that’s one thing that keeps me going. Just the fact of seeking for that certain someone is a huge thrill. About three years ago is when I thought I had met my first true love. I was a naive thirteen year old who kept getting knocked off my feet. Thee was one rather large problem, we lived about and hour away from each other both without a license. We decided to stay together and give it a try. It was bumpy and not very fun at first but after a couple months we got the hang of it and we ended up staying together for two years. I admit it was very difficult at times and sometimes not even that fun but I did make a new friend. Well only for a while that is. A couple weeks after I turned fifteen, I broke up w/ my long-distance boyfriend and started to date a senior. My now ex boyfriend (who was extremely hurt) told me to get out of his life and never come back. I didn’t break up with him for another guy because trust me… I’m not that shallow, but on hope it would make both of our lives easier. My now current boyfriend did teach me many new things that are even valuable to my school activities. He was a great friend who always new how to help me without actually telling me what to do. Even though he and I didn’t work out we are still close buddies that are there for each other when they need something. That is also the case with my long-distance ex boyfriend. We worked things out the right way and are close once again. Because of my intentions and the big steps I took, I now have two wonderful yet totally opposite people I can always look back for advice and support. My path might have looked like it was headed south at some points but its now headed north and not turning back for a while. I believe in taking chances and I’m sure that that’s why I’m still here today ready for anything.